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Bite Handle
The handle that closes on the sharp edge of the blade.

The unsharpened portion of the blade just above the kicker, that makes it easier to sharpen the blade.

Kicker (or Kick)
Area on the blade that prevents the sharp edge from contacting the inside of the handle and suffering damage. This is sometimes supplanted by an additional tang pin above the pivots.

The standard locking system, which holds the knife closed. Magnets are occasionally used instead.

Latch, Batangas
A latch that is attached to the bite handle.

Latch, Manila
A latch that is attached to the safe handle.
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  Latch, Spring
A latch that utilizes a spring to propel the latch open when the handles are squeezed.

Latch gate
A block inside the channel of the handles stopping the latch from impacting the blade

Pivot Pins
A pin or, in higher-end and custom made knives, a ball bearing system meant to maximize smoothness, about which the Tang/Blade/Handle assemblies pivot.

Safe Handle
The handle that closes on the non-sharpened edge of the blade.

Unsharpened spine of the blade that is angled to appear as if it were sharpened. Some balisongs are also sharpened here or on both sides with either a more traditional look or wavy edges similar to a Kris sword.

The base of the blade where the handles are attached with pivot pins.

Tang Pin(s)
Pin meant to hold the blade away from the handle when closed to prevent dulling; and, in some cases, a second pin to keep the handles from excessively banging together while the butterfly knife is being manipulated.

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