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The Butterfly Knife

The art of the butterfly knife is to learn the technique of “flipping” or “fanning” the two handled knife with a single hand.

Also known as a Balison or fan knife, this folding pocket knife counter rotates around the tang so that the blade resides concealed inside the grooved handle.

Traditionally made in the Tagalong region of Batangas in the Philippines, the native Filipios used the butterfly knife as self defense and as a utility pocket knife.
  When workers found it inconvenient to use two hands to open a knife, the Balisongs became very popular because of of the ease of opening the Butterfly knife Butterfly knife with a single hand. Additionally, Balisongs were originally used as a straight razor before conventional razors were introduced to the Philippines.

Properly trained, a user can flip the knife blade open quickly. Oftentimes these maneuvers are performed as amusement or for the art of the technique.

Because it is considered a concealed weapon, the Butterfly knife Butterfly knife is illegal in the countries of Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Germany and the Netherlands and some states within the United States of America.
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