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American Balisongs

In the 1970s Balisong USA started production of these traditional knives. In the early 1980s the company changed their name to Pacific Cutlery and today, after another name change, they are know as Benchmade.

The earlier knives, (many of which were hand ground and crafted by master knife maker Jody Samson, well known for the swords he created for the movie “Conan the Barbarian”) featured custom blade designs in a wide variety that included beautiful and exotic inlays consisting of ivory, ebony, mother-of-pearl and tropical woods for the handles.

Some of the early Butterfly knife Butterfly knife, if still in mint condition, are worth thousands of dollars. Used knives start at $300 for the skeletonized or micarta handles, the standard “weehawk” or “Imada high hollow” grind and the price moves up from there. Values increase significantly for unusually ground knives such as the “scimitar”, “cutlass”, “Kris”, “Weehawk tanto”, “Spanish Bowie” and the rare “Mariner” Butterfly knife Butterfly knife. These early American balisongs are collectors items and highly sought after by collectors for investment purposes.

In the late 1980s, Benchmark stopped producing custom balisongs, however, they regularly offer “Limited Editions” that have special features new to the knife.

Other American manufacturers of butterfly knife are SWAT (Tiger), Microtech Knives (Tachyon), Spyderco (Spyderfly and Szabofly), Roton (Monarch) and Bradley Cutlery (Mayhem).
A Balisong being opened and closed.
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A simpler way to open and close a Balisong
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